Chelsea Boots

A couple months ago Maria ordered a pair of H&M Chelsea boots from their website.  She claims they’re the greatest purchase she’s ever made.  I wanted to get a pair too, but the website was sold out forever.  So, instead I set out on the search for the perfect pair and decided to buy a pair of Topshop MONTH Chelsea Boot.

When I received them I was really disappointed because I spent too much money on shoes that made my feet look like black bananas.  So I returned them and luckily the H&M were back in stock on the website!

These H&M boots were $34.95 plus I had a coupon code and I got them for $32 including shipping.  Great deal!


These boots are my favorite Chelsea boots I’ve seen and even though they are not amazing quality, they’re so comfortable and in my opinion, better looking than other choices.  So far they haven’t fallen apart or anything (mine or my sister’s) so I would say they are definitely worth it.

Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 7.12.33 PM